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Click on the songs below to listen to songs from Dean and Don.

Here's the famous "Bread And Butter" that Dean, along with brother Mark and Larry Henley, recorded in 1964. It's the orginal version!

click here to play sound

More songs will be posted as soon as possible. We also plan to make available audio, and perhaps video, recordings of our show to leave with the nursing homes for the residents to enjoy until we come back the next time.

Here's a song featuring Don. It's an unedited, live, recording from one of his shows.

click here to play sound

"Where Have You Been For So Long??!!"

That's the greeting we got when we walked into a Nursing Home Administrator's Office last week. She and her residents were really disappointed that we hadn't been back in nearly a year.
"Can't you do your show for us more often?" Well, it's a question we get a lot, and we're working on trying to do just that--increase the frequency of the shows in each community. Stay tuned for GOOD NEWS!