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The Hayride Sunshine Show
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If you're interested in having the Hayride Sunshine Show appear for your town's nursing home or retirement center, let us know. There is never a charge to the Nursing Home.

You'll Love It!

We perform our shows in Nursing Homes and other worthy locations through Lousiana, Arkansas and Texas.
The expense of putting on such a top-quality show is underwritten by corporate and individual sponsors. There is never a charge to the nursing home or residents.

The shows are open to family, visitors, sponsors and guests but they are designed to bring cheer and enjoyment to the residents.

The true reward is realized by the looks on the faces of our honored "seasoned citizens".

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The Hayride Sunshine Show is done free of charge to Nursing Homes and in other worthy venues. This is made possible by the sponsorship of local merchants and backers.

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Holiday Season is coming. Contact us for parties or special events.